Staged kitchen (Pixabay)There’s a big difference between simply listing a home for sale and knowing how to get your house ready to sell before putting it on the market. We get that once you make the decision to sell, you want to start the process immediately so you can sell your home fast, but taking a little time to do some prep work will pay off in the long run. Use these easy ways to get your home ready to sell and you’ll likely see higher offers and ultimately have your home sold more quickly than you expected.

Focus on the kitchen

Often times home sellers get caught up in attempting to make upgrades to many areas of the home. Here’s the deal, buyers want a great kitchen. An outdated kitchen can be an immediate deal breaker for potential buyers. The update you need may not be a complete overhaul. Focus on bringing in natural light, use neutral color paint and buy new cabinet hardware for an inexpensive, quick update. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try out a new tiled backsplash for a modern look.

Clear out crammed closets

Buyers want storage space, especially in the bedroom closets. One way to get your home ready to sell is by clearing out a good portion of your things from the closets. Reorganize the items that are left so the space looks roomy and neat. Same goes for cabinets. Keep them organized and clear of clutter to allow potential buyers to see the space available.

Doggy daycare

Even if your potential buyers are animal lovers, Fluffy and Fido need to be out of the house when viewers come to check out your home. Whether you opt to take your pets for a walk during the showing, or place them in a doggy daycare for the afternoon, clear your home of the animals. The same can be said for all of their stuff. The pet toys, cages, and food should be removed from the house when your agent schedules a showing.

Clean carpet

If you have carpet throughout your home, have it professionally cleaned. This inexpensive preparation may save you thousands in the long run if buyers suspect they will need to replace the carpet. This is especially important if you have pets. While a lingering odor may not be present in your house, home buyers who have sensitive allergies will immediately pick up on the potential problem.

General repairs

The best advice to getting your home ready to sell quickly, is clean, clean, clean. Buyers want to feel like the home is move-in ready. The best part is cleaning your home is free (minus the elbow grease). Think about the walls, windows, flooring and appliances. Buyers will be eyeing every corner looking for work they will have to do before moving into your house, so get everything spic and span before you put out your “for sale” sign.


If your home is in need of larger repairs, like fixture or faucet replacements, you can make those changes without breaking the bank and the fresh updates will be a great selling point to potential buyers.

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