How to sell your home fast (Image Source: Pixabay)It can be hard enough simply deciding to list your home on the real estate market, but when you’re in a situation where it’s essential to sell your home fast, it can be especially frustrating waiting on an offer for your house. There are certain ways to work with your real estate agent (and your property) to make sure you get the highest offer possible even when trying to sell your home fast. We’ve worked with numerous home sellers who are packed up, ready to go and need to get out quickly. Here are some of the tips we’ve discovered will help you prepare your home to sell (fast!).

Improve your home’s curb appeal

Take a good look at your home. Would you ask your realtor to put it on your “must see” list? If not, let’s jump right into it. You may just need a vibrant new front door color or a few plants, but the first impression you give to potential home buyers – whether they’re checking out your house online or in person – needs to be the best it can possibly be. Your curb appeal needs to say, “Welcome home.”

Price it right – the first time

There seems to be this ideal that when you list your home for sale it should be a bit overpriced to give you “wiggle room” to negotiate. Here’s the truth when it comes to pricing your home – A well-priced home will get far more traffic than a home that seems out of a potential homebuyer’s reach or too pricey for your market. In fact, a lower priced home has the potential to start a bidding war, bringing in a higher offer that you would have expected. While several offers aren’t guaranteed, it’s certainly more likely to help you sell your home fast if the price is right. If you’re not sure what the homes are going for in your neighborhood, or what’s fair market for your own home, check out our free property valuation to see exactly how much your home is worth.

Declutter and neutralize

It’s easy to see why a cluttered home may not sell quickly – livable space within the home seems smaller or homebuyers can’t see past your mess to envision living in the home (just to list a couple) – but how do you actually get rid of the “stuff?” Focus on the space itself. Decluttering doesn’t have to be just removing your indoor plants or picking up toys scattered throughout the living room. What would happen if you actually removed a piece of furniture or two? You want to create a home that is open and spacious for potential buyers. While you’re at it, remove the collection of family photos from the end tables. The more personal items potential buyers see in your home, the less they can imagine themselves living there.

Be ready to show

If you want your home to sell fast, you should be prepared to show the house at a moment’s notice. Being inflexible with viewing times can quickly cause potential buyers to cross your property off their list. In fact, make it as easy as possible for viewers to visit your house. Host an open house, or simply be ready to step out with little notice. You’ll also want to work with your agent to make sure your home is listed on major home selling websites.

Fantastic photos

After you’ve decluttered, depersonalized and moved the pets out, let in plenty of light and snap photos of your home. With 92% of home buyers using the Internet as part of their search, you want to include as many pictures as possible. Give the buyer insight into your property. Highlight the open space, fantastic views, spacious backyard or top of the line appliances. Get your home to sell fast with great photos.